List of Paracord uses. I compiled a list of over 25 day to day uses for paracord. Because of its small diameter, and high breaking strength. Paracord can be used for almost anything. Wear a Paracord bracelet, so you’ll be prepared for almost anything.


  1. Hang a tarp between trees
  2. Attach things to your backpack
  3. Tie your bumper on.
  4. Make a tourniquet
  5. Secure a splint
  6. Make a sling
  7. Make a belt
  8. Replace broken shoe laces
  9. Make Zipper pull
  10. Tie your boat up
  11. Make a lanyard
  12. Make a clothesline
  13. Make a snare
  14. Keep rolled up items secure
  15. Hang a Hammock
  16. Make a hammock
  17. Bundle stuff together
  18. Tie down a load in or on your car
  19. Pet leash
  20. Pet collar
  21. Hang food in a tree
  22. Make a trip wire
  23. Tie someone up
  24. Fasten branches together to make a shelter
  25. Use the inner threads for sewing
  26. Use the inner strings as fishing line